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1. Select the correct answer:


2. Test question one. This is a single-answer question. This means, only one answer can be selected.

You can of course add some rich HTML content to the question.

And this is done simply by using the Wordpress rich text editor.


3. Multiple answers question. Here we will give five answers. In multiple answer questions the taker can select many possible answers.

It’s a good idea to assign negative points for wrong answers on such questions. Otherwise a clever student could just select all answers and collect the full number of points.

Obviously I’m disclosing all of this because this is online demo of WatuPRO. You would perhaps prefer to just stick to the questions when you use the plugin.


4. ‘Essay’ (open end) question: these questions let the user simply write the answer. You may use them for manual evaluation of their skills, or to obtain some feedback as survey. But, you can also assign correct/incorrect answer. WatuPRO will check for match (not case sensitive) and if the answer matches one of your answers, the corresponding points will be assigned.

For example, consider the following question:

Which country in the world has highest population?

(This is an open end question, but if you type ‘China’ in this test exam you will receive 3 points. In other cases you will receive no points. But you can decide to assing negative number of points to some very wrong answers like ‘Luxemburg’ for example).

5. A picture based question. Yes, you can upload pictures without any issues. What’s this:

Red-eyed Treefrog, Agalychnis callidryas


(I used Flickr embed code here but you can also upload local photos)


6. Select all that are correct:


7. Select all correct answers: Which states are in the south western part of Nigeria


8. Do you have any comments about this quiz?

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